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An Exclusive Interview With The Reasons Band

An Exclusive Interview With The Reasons Band


Based out of Reading, Pennsylvania, The Reasons are a band that writes, performs, and lives their original music. They are genre agnostic and have experimented with different styles such as indie, alternative rock, R&B and progressive pop. This is due to their vast amount of influences. These influences are artists such as The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Nirvana, Cage The Elephant, Billie Eilish, Post Malone, and Justin Bieber. With a close family member of the band living next to Justin Bieber, this has led to some of these artists praising them for their work. 

The band is a four man team that blends together to create their unique sound. Members, Ryan Beckett (vocals/guitar), Zach Ninfo (drums), Liam Meadowcroft (vocals/guitar), and Nolan Meadowcroft (bass) all spend hours and hours to make sure this happens. They also work to continue growing the amount of original material the band has. In doing this, they were able to catch the attention of their now manager and producer, Bob Cutarella. Bob was very impressed with their material as well as work ethic so the five decided to form a partnership. The next step was to get into the studio to record. The boys along with Bob Cutarella were able to record ten songs in nine days. One of these songs being the band’s debut single “Compromise”. Since then the song has accumulated over 1.5 million streams. This has helped the boys grow their fan base to over 100,000 followers and still counting. They also have multiple social media platforms where their fans enjoy interacting with them through their comment section as well as their direct messages. However, it all didn’t start this way.

If you rewind back a few years, the boys had just begun recording some home demos. They were planning to get together enough material to give away at their early live shows. Also, they would systematically release them for their fans to stream. The recordings have since been lost leaving folks to wonder just what was on those records. Although this may be upsetting to fans, who had not had the chance to hear them, there is no need to worry. There is much more work to come from The Reasons with their EP dropping sometime in the next year. 

All in all, these four young teens have started up The Reasons successfully through their level of commitment and drive. They have continued to amaze fans through their recorded work, as well as through their live shows. 

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