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Imperium Group’s Shazir Mucklai Shares 2020’s Top Hollywood Power Players & Entrepreneurs

Imperium Group’s Shazir Mucklai Shares 2020’s Top Hollywood Power Players & Entrepreneurs


Imperium Group’s Shazir Mucklai Shares 2020’s Hollywood Power Players 

Imperium Group’s CEO, Shazir Mucklai, had a chance to collaborate with TheKerplunk and Coin Digital Standard to look for top entrepreneurs who are poised to make an impact in 2020. 

In a roller-coaster year of megamergers and megadeals, the ranking of showbiz’s top execs, makers and stars sees big moves and a more dynamic (and diverse) group of powerhouses as the Obamas join Netflix, Phoebe Waller-Bridge ignites the town’s creatives and J.Lo hustles her way onto the ultimate industry A list. That being said here are some exciting entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020:

Charli D Amelio – @charliD’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio has become the first Tik tok star to smash 50 million followers on the platform. 

She’s truly set for world domination at this point. At just 15 years old, the queen of TikTok is killing it, being the first person to pass the huge milestone. Sharing a new video to celebrate, Charli wrote: ‘THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH FOR 50 MILLION THAT IS INSANE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!’ The teen is best known for her dancing TikToks, previously appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to show us all how it’s done. The best known member of TikTok group The Hype House, she’s beating out celebrities including Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez. 

Charli joined TikTok back in 2019, becoming the most-followed creator on the platform in just 10 months, overtaking Loren Gray, who previously held the number one spot. Although it’s going to be a while before anyone comes for Charli’s crown, other celebs have been embracing TikTok during the coronavirus lockdown.

Charli definitely will be someone to watch for the rest of the year.

Natasha Ahuja – Beaudefy the Odds@natashaahuja @beaudefytheodds

Natasha Ahuja is the Founder of ‘Beaudefy the Odds’, an upcoming Non-Profit Organization. Her mission is to remind everyone that their beauty is more powerful than their struggle. The purpose is to work closely with people who have suffered from an illness or hardship that has lowered their confidence and produce video content to give them a voice. Through the power of makeup Natasha will be working with hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical professionals to help people remember that they never lost their beauty. She hopes to create an everlasting community that will allow people to conjoin because of their struggles – not segregate. She is the next big beauty influencer and motivator to watch. 

Jean Mouret – @explorer

Jean Mouret is one of the largest marketers and travel influencers on Instagram.

With over 34 Million followers grown since 2014 on the platform, his account @Explorer (with over 1.1 Million followers and over 3.7 Billion impressions accumulated) has reached nearly 1 in 2 people in the world. 

Thanks to the power of Instagram, Explorer has landed huge deals with sponsors, including exclusive access to boutique and luxury hotels, supercars, private jets, and high end watches. What separates Explorer from others is the uniqueness of his name and the quality of his personal brand as an influencer, being followed by celebrities including DJ Khaled, Miranda Kerr, Trey Songz, Harry Holland, and many more!

Erika Del Toro – @erikarubideltoro

Del Toro is a self made millionaire, co owner of PHP Agency next to Patrick bet David – Jen Bet David next to her brother Hector Del Toro. They have a million base shop  called  CONQUISTADORS. There planning to take over the world with the life insurance industry. 

Entrepreneur who is continuously expanding her business all over Central California. She is one of the hardest working single moms in business and as an ambassador for the Latino community- she is helping Latinos plan better for their financial future.

Erika Rubi Del Toro Born in Guadalajara Mexico , born on March 11th, Is now living in Miami Florida. 

She is currently working on her new makeup line @conquistadivacosmetics is debuting a makeup palette for your daily entrepreneur life. She is working on many projects and is ready planning for 2021 on projects. She is crossing on the social media world. Almost at 100,000 on Instagram. She always says “ Successful tastes so good after the struggle” 

Wendy Campos – @BossBabeWendy

Wendy Campos is not your typical 25 year old. As an entrepreneur. She has amassed over six figures in the financial industry and she has made a massive impact on a national level.

Wendy is a Co-Owner of PHP Agency, a national financial services organization that has gotten attraction from Forbes. 

She has shared the stage at events where Kevin Hart, Kobe Bryant, and President Bush have been interviewed, and was honored to get one of the last Kobe Bryant signed jerseys. Being one of the youngest six figures earners in her industry, she has been mentored by millionaires like Patrick Bet David.

Wendy is not planning on stopping; she is going to be the next millionaire in her industry. She is going to open up over 50 offices in the United States while giving people an opportunity to reach their full potential. Her major office in Phoenix Arizona. Wendy is debuting her YouTube channel later this year. 

Christian Garcia – @chrstiangarcia 

Young, inspiring, and humble are just a few words to describe, Christian Garcia. Garcia rose from fame when we were first introduced to him on X Factor Mexico. Now the artist on the rise is gearing up to release his debut album! Christian has been singing since the mere age of seven-years-old. He went from performing at local county fairs in his home state to meeting with artists such as Meghan Trainor, Demi Lovato, and more. 

Christian has passed over half a million on Instagram and his slime videos have garnered the attention of Good Morning America and Telemundo. He has been featured on Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat and other celebrity cameos. 

He is set to debut an album later in the year. He has also crossed over to the entrepreneur world and is investing in huge brands. He says “ I’m crossing industries that makes me work harder.” 

Zayn Silmi – @ZaynSilmi 

Zayn is the founder and CEO of The People Of Sacramento @ThePeopleOfSacramento, @thePeoplesfirm, @CommunitybyTPOS, & @CREAMNationSac. As a community oriented individual, Zayn has cultivated creativity and dedicated his career to empowering his community through social media & community relations. Zayn is a self-made millennial that helps turn people & businesses into profit. Recognized as the ambassador of the Capital City of California with hundreds of thousands of followers across his platforms, he was recently named one of Sacramento’s most powerful leaders in the region due to his efforts empowering local non-profits & organizations. 

Zayn founded “TPOS” nearly 6 years ago as a serial entrepreneur and has been highly involved in making Sacramento a destination city over the years. His agency has worked with professional athletes, public figures, and organizations to help utilize their givebacks in the region. His firm is also responsible for the launch of respected companies such as JUMP, Zebra, and countless others who have utilized his company to launch the Northern California market. 

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